Crescent City Maritime Group
Crescent City Maritime Group 

Our Team

Crescent City Maritime Group's executive team are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of the Maritime industry.  

Michael H. Ellis IV

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Director of Operations

Events, Programs, and Trade Shows




David F. Gardner

Chief Financial Officer



Adam I. Adler III

Executive Vice President and

General Counsel



Peyton Chouest

Vice President of Business Development



Samuel "Tex" Mercer

Director Of Security & Intelligence


Requests for client portal access or contractor access should be sent to:



Madeline Carlisle, SHRM-CP

Director Of Human Resources



Employment verifications are to be sent by way of company email with .pdf attachment authorizing release of information to:



J. Oscar Ortiz-Campos

Project Manager

Veracruz, Mexico





J. Bradley Chouest

Legislative Consultant/Lobbyist





Adam I. Adler II

Legal Consultant/Lobbyist

North America



John Birmingham

Legal/Maritime Consultant



+44 131 507 0022


Walter "Gibby" Dansereau

Legal/Maritime Consultant



+ 1 604-685-4332


Crescent City Maritime Group

828 Royal Street

New Orleans, LA 70116




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